Xiang Yuan Qiao: Noodles in Coquitlam

Diana Chan April 15, 2019 Bubble Tea, Coquitlam, Noodles

Xiang Yuan Qiao is a Chinese noodle shop in Coquitlam that specializes in Yunnan Bridge Noodle. There are a few locations around Metro Vancouver.

Since it’s fairy new, I took the family out here for lunch.


There are lots of tables and booth seating inside, so good for small to large groups and is family friendly. The interior is new and modern. Plus, free wifi if you need it.


Puh Erh Milk Tea

I got the Puh Erh Milk Tea and it was ok. Pretty standard and nothing too special about it. It does go well with the noodles as its a nice cool drink.

Julienne Potatoes with Vinegar

An interesting dish that we ordered and good to snack on while we waited for our noodles. It’s not very spicy, but it has a good texture to munch away at them.

Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles

You can get this with their original or spicy chicken broth. We went with the original. You can also enhance your broth with items from the sauce bar.

There is also a tray of different items to put into the pot like quail eggs, carrot, corn, chives, cucumber, bamboo shoots, pickled sour mustard, black fungus, white fungus, mushroom, cabbage, pea shoots, bean curd, meat paste, Chinese style ham, and ham.

There is a certain order to cook the items, so follow the instructions on the plate. Add the egg, then the meat, then veggies, then noodles, then sauce, and finally enjoy.

It’s a fun interactive dish and you can tweak the bowl of noodles to your liking.

Signature Rice Noodle Soup with Braised Bone-in Pork

This was a meaty dish with a big piece of braised bone-in pork. It was very meaty and super tender and flavourful. The noodle soup had a lot of ingredients inside like veggies. Very filling.

Assorted Pot Rice Noodle

There is a broth base of chicken broth that you can get original or spicy. The items in it are beef, lam, pork belly, chicken, greens, black fungus, needle mushroom, bean sprouts, bean curd and quail eggs. It doesn’t look like much from the picture but it was filling as well with a good amount of meat too.

Sauce Bar

Don’t forget to check out the sauce bar as there is chilli oil, pepper oil, garlic, soy sauce, green onions, and other items to add to your noodles. We almost missed seeing this but glad we saw it so we could enhance the broth of our noodles.

Final Thoughts

It was pretty solid place for noodles. It’s nothing extraordinary, but a good restaurant to go with friends or family. Different for the area as there aren’t other places nearby serving Crossing Bridge Rice Noodles.

3030 Lincoln Ave #112, Coquitlam, BC

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