The Wynn Buffet: Crab Legs, Prime Ribs, and Desserts

Diana Chan April 18, 2014 All You Can Eat, Buffet, Las Vegas, Three Beakers


We went to the Wynn Buffet on a Sunday evening and we were hungry for some food. It is one of the popular buffets in town an costs $38.99 for dinner. It is moderately priced compared to some others out there.

I was excited since I’ve never been to a buffet in the states and I heard they were better than what we have in Vancouver.


We came right at 5:30 on a weekend and there was barely a line. There were people outside checking out prices and what was included.


No one in the queue, which was fantastic!


The seating area that we were put into was very festive with lots of colour and plants. There’s even a glass ceiling so there’s lots of natural light that comes in. Try to get seated in this area if possible.


Drinks come with the price of the buffet and some of us got coke and some of us got green tea.


There were lots of people inside lining up at the different food stations.


The first station that we gravitated towards was the seafood section. We got a few plates of crab legs and shrimp.


After all the seafood, we went into the starters area, where they had lots of cute little dishes.


Of course I had to start with fruits, veggies and mussels. I just wanted a taste of something light.


Beet salad is put in this little cute container. Tasted good but the beet stains easily. Don’t drop it on yourself.


Then we had to get our moneys worth and eat all the meat! Beef, turkey, and chicken!


Prime rib is a must! Try to see if you can get a medium rare piece.


The ribs looked very alluring and smelled great.


Unfortunately, the ribs were SUPER dry. I would try to avoid the ribs if possible. But, perhaps its just our visit.


I love getting the sliced meats. Pretty damn good.


Lots of sausages too. They had 3 different kinds to choose from, but there’s nothing stoping you from trying them all. Thats what all you can eat is all about.


Their pizza’s were ok, but I didn’t get any of this since I didn’t want to fill up on carbs.


A mismatched plate of desserts and savoury food.


Cream puffs looked beautiful but the filling tasted like whipped butter. It would have been so much better with custard.

Wynn-TheBuffet-desserts            Wynn-TheBuffet-raspberry

The Wynn buffet has a good amount of selection, but the quality was just average. There are more items that I took pictures of. The service was good but after a while, we lost our server so it was hard trying to get a refill of our drinks.

I’m still on the hunt for the best buffet.

We Rate Wynn Buffet: 

3131 S Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89109


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