Wine and Junk Food Seminar: 2017 Whistler Cornucopia Recap

Diana Chan November 14, 2017 Event, Whistler

Even the most sophisticated palates splurge on junk food from time to time. I know I do. Food and wine pairing shouldn’t be reserved for fancy dinner parties, everyday can be a chance to experience new flavour combinations.

Are you curious what the perfect Canadian wine to pair with ketchup chips? Whether your guilty pleasure is sweet or salty, they will find a wine to elevate even the humblest snack into a culinary experience.

I gravitated towards this seminar since I absolutely love junk food. Pairing wine with junk food may seem like a contradiction, but it works.

This was led by Rachelle Goudreau on a 90 minute seminar on the guilty pleasures of wine and junk food.

We tried these 9 wines and junk food pairings:

Raza Reserve Malbec paired with Doritos

Who knew Doritos could be paired with a Melbec. The cherry, plum, pepper and chocolate taste balances the cheesy and spiced Doritos.

Painted Rock Chardonnay Paired with Cheese Puffs

I do love a good Chardonnary especially by Painted Rock in the Okanagan. The citrus notes with it’s balanced acidity paired well with the super cheesy and crunchy cheese puffs. I was so excited about it that I ate it without take a photo.

Lini910 Lambrusco paired with Pepperoni Sticks

Lini910 Lambrusco is very trendy at the moment since it’s a sparkling red. Very interesting characteristics of ripe blueberry and raspberry with an intensely flavourful and slightly tannic finish.

Gonzalez Byass Apostoles Paired with Caramel Milk Chocolate

Chocolate and wine is a classic pairing, but when it’s with sherry and caramel chocolate, that is a bit unusual, but the sweetness play off one another.

Final Thoughts

All of these pairings were very spot on, so Rachelle had some great recommendations. The flavours really play off one another. One thing that is so appealing about junk food pairings is the memories it brings back as a kid. I love it for the texture and the crunch.

If you are heading to Cornucpia Whistler next year, see if they have it again.


4010 Whistler Way, Whistler

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