Willards: Cheese Curls and Flings

Diana Chan December 25, 2015 product


I love trying snacks from around the world. My manager at work bought me 2 bags of Willards snacks from South Africa – Cheese Curls and Flings. I’ve only had Cheetos Puffs when I was a kid or other variations that are available in Canada.

I never really thought about the different types of snacks from other countries.


Willard’s Cheese Curls are your standard cheese puffs. The name is quite fitting as they do have a curl to their shape. These are baked and not fried.

At first I was skeptical to see how different they would be but the ‘cheese’ flavour was pretty good. It kinda reminded me of Trader Joes.


Willard’s Flings has a stronger corn taste to it. I can’t really put my finger on what it reminds me of. It’s like the Cheese Curls but no cheese flavouring.

You don’t need to fly all the way to South Africa to get your hands on these snacks or other addictive South African products. African Breese sells these at their North Vancouver and Kitsilano locations.

3654 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
1054 Marine Dr, North Vancouver


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