Wildebeest: Eating Beef Tongue, Sweetbreads, Skin, and Foie Gras

Diana Chan November 14, 2012 Gastown, Three Beakers

Wildebeest opened up in Gastown earlier in the Summer and has a very darling menu with unusual ingredients. When coming here, you can’t be squeamish of the items you are eating! Have an open mind and enjoy the intricate flavours. Flo took me here for my birthday!

Their kitchen is very open, so you can watch their every move! It’s pretty cool.

We ordered non-alcoholic cocktails. They didn’t have this on their menu, so we asked the waitress to bring us something fruity and sweet. We still never figured out if this drink had a name, but it was pretty good.

Crispy pork skin with spiced salt ($4) was not exactly what we anticipated. It was crispy and puffy, we expected more of a pork crackling. It’s hard to chew and when you start chewing on it, it sticks all over your teeth.

Smoked Castelvetrano olives ($5) was good! The olives were green and had pits inside. Pretty good item to munch on while waiting for the main dishes. It is a bit pricey though.

Grilled beef tongue, wild mushroom consommé, toasted grains, mustard greens ($14) was so good! the beef was very tender and so flavourful! Everything just went so well together! I highly suggest you order this!

Mortadella, pistachio, mutsu apple, arugula salad ($9) was light and refreshing.

Roasted sweetbreads, caramelized buttermilk, wild mushrooms, porchini vinaigrette ($15). If you don’t know what sweetbreads are… you might not want to hear what it really is, but it’s the thymus of an animal. Surprise! The flavour was actually really delicious! Don’t let the unknown ingredients scare you.

Poutine, roasted duck liver ($16) came at the very end of the meal. It has pieces of fois gras, cheese curds, and gravy on fries. It was a very rich dish, so it was quite hard to eat.

Desserts are quite small, so you may want to hog it all to yourself instead of sharing. Their desserts are quite unique. Overall, Flo and I had a great time, but we did find the dishes to be pricey and on the small side. Nonetheless, it was cool trying items I’ve never had before…like sweetbreads. Reservations is a must since the place can get pretty packed during dinner and on weekends.

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120 W Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC


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  1. Kimberly Nguyen-Don November 17, 2012 at 10:52 am

    Is that the ENTIRE Arugula salad?! Yes, that is a bit pricey!

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