WestJet: Vancouver to Edmonton (WS 160) Review

Diana Chan June 30, 2018 Airplane Meals, British Columbia, Edmonton, travel

When deciding to travel to Edmonton, we went with WestJet as it was one of the cheapest options at the time. I don’t get the chance to fly with them that often, but when I do, it’s always a great time. We flew out of Vancouver International Airport (YVR) to Edmonton International Airport (YEG) at 9am from gate B14. The flight was an hour and 15 minutes and was a quick and comfortable flight.


As we got on the plane, we noticed it was a 3 and 3 seat configuration. The flight wasn’t very full, so there was tons of space for carry on luggage. The overhead bins were large, so it fits all sizes of carry on luggage unlike some other airplanes.

This particular plane did not have an entertainment system built into the seats. There are some reading materials, tray and an outlet. You can tell this is a newer plane on the fleet.

The outlet has lots of inputs, so whether you have a cellphones, tablet or laptop, you can charge it all without worrying about battery life.

WestJet App

For this particular plane, we had to use the WestJet app on our phones to connect to the flight information and access movies and tv shows. It’s pretty useful, but you just need to know ahead of time to download the app as each plane is a bit different. For their movies and shows, they have current and older options. As the flight is so short, you won’t have time to finish a movie.

Complimentary beverages and snacks

The great things about WestJet is that they still provide complementary snacks onboard. They will ask you if you want cookies or pretzels, but you can ask for both. Biscoff is delicious!! They have partnered with McDonalds to offer coffee on all their flights, which is great because their coffee is not bad at all. On the cup, don’t forget to grab the sticker and card if you’re already a regular customer.

Onboard Menu

If you are still hungry, they have a few other options to purchase food onboard.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was a good flight. Very simple, comfortable and no delays. For me, the biggest decision factor is price for a flight and glad we were ale to fly with them this time. I like how they haven’t cheaped out completely and give you some snacks on the ride.


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