WestJet: Food Options (Vancouver to Chicago)

Diana Chan August 28, 2013 Airplane Meals, British Columbia, Illinois

West Jet

WestJet is my go-to airline when I just travel around North America. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, and no hassles. At least that’s what I’ve encountered over the past few years.

During my trip to Chicago, I decided to go on WestJet since they had a decently priced direct flight of about $600. The flight was 3.5 hours long and I would much rather pay that amount than save $150 and spend 11 hrs connecting.

West Jet

The flight take off was pretty smooth, but I was quite interested in their food offerings.

West Jet

I pulled out the food and entertainment menu. You can select a few items to purchase and snack on during the flight. An alternative plan if you plan on eating is ordering your meal ahead of time with WestJet. The options change every month, but it doesn’t drastically change.

West Jet

The prices were alright and not too inflated. As I knew wouldn’t be purchasing any items on the flight, I decided to just snack on the complimentary beverages and chips.

West Jet

When they come by your seat, they usually ask if you want Snack A or Snack B. I usually ask for both. Don’t be afraid, they are always happy to give you both.

The choices were corn chips and cookies. I also got my self a cup of ginger ale.

West Jet

About 2 hours later, they come back again passing out complimentary snacks and beverages. But the second round of snacks do differ. This time it was the Nacho Cheese Corn Sticks, a cookie and a drink.

They also offer small cups of water just before landing if you need to rehydrate. The staff all very nice and professional.

As it was a short plane ride, I won’t think I really minded what they provided us since I wasn’t expecting anything amazing. Plus the plane tickets are cheap, so everything is quite standard.


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