WestJet Offers London flights from 6 Canadian Cities starting at $199

Diana Chan September 15, 2015 Airplane Meals, travel


This morning, WestJet announced the introduction of non-stop flights to Gatwick, London from 6 Canadian cities – Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and St. John’s beginning of May 2016.

The flights all operate as overnight flights leaving late afternoon or evening, which is ideal for those who are connecting to any of the six airports from other regions in Canada. It only costs an addition $20 for that connection. Not bad at all.

From $249
Daily flights

From $299
Flights 6 times a week

From $299
Flights 5 times a week

From $299
Flights twice a week

From $279
Flights once a week

St. John’s:
From $199
Daily flights

WestJet is able to offer these new long distance flights due to their recent acquisition of 4 new Boeing 767-300 aircrafts. These planes seat 262 guests and has a range of approx. 11 hours.


You are obviously curious if there will be in-flight meals to go with the plane ride, the answer is yes and no depending on your choice of seats.

Their Plus cabin has 24 wider seats arranged 2-2-2 (no middle seats) with increased legroom and deeper recline. They also provide a welcome drink, hot towel service, and hot meals served with wine or beer. You will definitely need to pay a bit more or schmooze your way into an upgrade.

The main cabin has 238 seats, with a 2-3-2 configuration. There are complimentary light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks served. You have the option to purchase more substantial snacks and meals from their Buy-on-Board service.

Sucks, but you can easily grab something from the airport for the long journey or bring food in your carry on bags.

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