WestJet: Food Options for Flights

Diana Chan May 16, 2012 Airplane Meals, Food for Thought

CanuckGirl and I headed off to Toronto from Vancouver on WestJet for a little bit of a Summer vacation. The flight is about 4.5 hours, but there was no information anywhere about snacks or food on the flight. I’m a newbie when it comes to travelling. To be safe, I grabbed a few nibbles before boarding.

As we boarded, we were informed by the stewardesses that we would receive 2 rounds of complementary drinks and snacks. All other items can be purchased off the menu.

At your seat, you should be able to find their food and entertainment menu.

They have meal combos too and they aren’t too expensive. You can only pay by credit card and no cash!

They have a bunch of other snacks too that you can order. It’s a bit expensive, but at least you won’t starve to death.

You can choose from juice, pop, coffee or tea when the stewardesses come around to offer the complementary drinks and snack. As for the snack, you can choose from a cookie or Bits n Bites.

As it was a short plane ride, I won’t think I really minded what they provided us since I wasn’t expecting anything at all. Plus the plane tickets are cheap, so everything is quite standard.

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