Western Lake: King Crab + Duck Dinner for 10

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Last month, it was a crazy time for Chinese Restaurants in Vancouver with the arrival of the Alaskan King Crab. It was a short season, so if you missed it, you will either have to pay a lot of wait till next year.

They had 3 set menus that you can choose from. The prices during the time that we went were quite fair and you get a lot of food. If you want to opt out of the menu and do à la carte, you can as well and build your own menu. Perhaps the crab and few extra dishes on the side. It will be considerably cheaper. Good for smaller groups of people.

The set meal options are below, it’s good for large groups.




For the 8 of us, we went with the King Crab and Beijing Duck Dinner for 10 people. It can feed more than 10, 12 is a good number too.

It includes:

  • Crispy Duck Skin with Crepes
  • Duck meat with lettuce wraps
  • king crab legs steamed with garlic
  • Shredded duck meat soup with dried scallops
  • King Crab body in supreme soy sauce bedded with rice dough
  • Diced beef tenderloin with deep-fried milk puffs
  • Dried fish maw and shredded ham with greens
  • sautéed and deep-fried sole fillets
  • Egg whites fried rice with dried scallops or baked rice with seafood
  • Tossed noodle in crab sauce
  • Baked tapioca pudding

For $398, it was not bad.


The crab we chose was pretty big. It’s always fun to get someone to pose with the crab before dinner. My grandpa did the honour of doing that since he’s never had Alaskan King Crab before.


When you arrive at the table, there are complimentary peanuts and pickled vegetables ready for you to munch on.


Crispy Duck Skin with Crepes was the first dish to arrive. The duck skin is crispy and lays above some fried shrimp chips.


You get the duck with the crepes, and a few vegetables and sauce to put together.


Once you have what you want to have in your wrap, you snack it on top of each other, roll it up and start eating. It was really good!


Duck meat with lettuce wraps was the next dish to arrive. They don’t waste any of the duck. Most of the duck meat goes into this dish.


You scoop the filling into the lettuce wrap and eat away.


I roll it up like a spring roll to keep any of the filling from spilling out. I love the crunch of the fresh lettuce and the savoury duck.


Fish Maw soup arrived at the table and they divide up the portions among the table.


I love this type of soup, but some people may not like it after finding out fish maw is the air bladder of a fish that controls its buoyancy. Don’t be afraid, it actually tastes like nothing but has a consistency of jelly.


King crab legs steamed with garlic was the dish we were all waiting for. Deliciously drenched with all the garlic. So good!


King Crab body in supreme soy sauce bedded with rice dough came after the steamed legs.


Diced beef tenderloin with deep-fried milk puffs was surprisingly delicious! The beef was very flavourful and the milk puffs were creamy and delicious.


Dried fish maw and shredded ham with bok choy.


Sautéed and deep-fried sole fillets with broccoli. The sautéed sole fillets tasted good with the broccoli, but the deep-fried cole wasn’t that good.


Baked rice with seafood is another amazing dish made of the king crab parts. There are still bits of meat baked in the crab head shell. It is topped off with the delicious Portuguese sauce.

Alternatively, you can order the egg whites fried rice with dried scallops.


Tossed noodle in crab sauce is yummy. It has the sauce from the crab dishes and is very flavourful.


Baked tapioca pudding is the last item to arrive and it’s definitely a treat.


They help you scoop a piece into the bowls for you and it’s really good.

Overall, the meal was great and one of the better places in town for Alaskan King Crab.

We Rate Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant

4989 Victoria Dr
Vancouver, BC

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