Wendy’s New Asiago Ranch Chicken Club Sandwich

Diana Chan February 24, 2011 Fast Food

Wendy’s just launched their new asiago ranch chicken club sandwich. I didn’t know they released a new sandwich until M gave me an earful about how the sandwich has such amazing ingredients. All I could do was give him a weird look and he made me promise him that we would go get it after school.

Surely enough, I kept to this promise and went to get this sandwich with him.

The sandwich comes in 3 different variations – grilled, homestyle or spicy. Each sandwich also contains strips of applewood smoked bacon, asiago cheese, ranch sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. This sandwich can range from 470 – 660 calories depending on the style of chicken you get.

We went to the drive through to get it since eating in at Wendy’s during the late night is quite depressing, it screams “I have no life”. We only got one Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club combo ($8.95). Medium coke, Sea Salt fries, and the sandwich.

The sandwich obviously does not look like their advertisement but is decent. The spicy chicken fillet is plump, tender, juicy and adds a bit of a kick. The spiciness is not over powering at all, it is fairly mild and won’t make you cry or scream for water.

Since this sandwich does carry a bit of salt content in the chicken breading and bacon, the fresh tomatoes and lettuce balances it out. The asiago has a nutty sharp taste. Even though there are different flavours, they do not compete against each other, this is probably the mix of ingredients and how you can still taste each ingredient distinctly. The bun is soft and houses the ingredients well.

Overall, pretty good sandwich!
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  1. Roo March 8, 2011 at 10:21 am

    They didn’t give me a tomato. It tasted like something was missing. I was sad. It tasted like an average $1 chicken sandwich with a thin piece of bacon on it.

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