Welcome Food Court 時來食坊: Snack at Cheung Chau Island

Diana Chan October 3, 2012 Cheung Chau

We decided to take a day trip to Cheung Chau. Cheung Chau is a small island eat of Hong Kong Island. They attract visitors for their beaches and the Cheung Chau Bun Festival. It has a population of about 23,000. Their roadways are very narrow compared to   other part of Hong Kong. Since the island is so small, people get around by walking or biking.

We went strolling around the beaches to pick up rocks, shells and even old pieces of china dishes from the ocean. Broken plates and tea cups that have eroded into shapes of rocks can be seen all over.

There are bikes everywhere! Try not to get run over by them!

You can see lots of people go on dates too. I found a guy riding a bike with training wheels. hehehe.

There were cats all over the island just chilling.

As it was over 30 degrees, we spotted Welcome Food Court for some cold snack. There were lots of people crowded around the stand, so we thought it might be something good.

Apparently some celebrities have been there too. I have no idea what that sign says…but it was on TV.

People were going crazy for their giant curry fishballs. They did look good, but I didn’t feel like hot food.

They have a few frozen item available.

Frozen Fruit Stick was long, but it really wasn’t anything special. I was also expensive too for a few small pieces of fruit. It was also hard to eat as it melted quite fast. I probably wouldn’t get this again

G/F, 150 San Hing Back Street, Cheung Chau

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