Weinkellar: German Wine Tasting in Epcot

Diana Chan June 14, 2016 Epcot, German


What did we do in the German pavilion in Epcot? Instead of having German beer, we did a wine tasting at Weinkellar. Blasphemy right? This space was heavily air-conditioned, which perhaps contributed us to staying inside a bit more.

M loves his red wines, so it was something he wanted to try. We have a lot of good Canadian wine in Vancouver, but we have never tried a German wine before.


Each flight has 3 samples and its 2 oz in each cup.


Graf Neipperg Lemberger
light ruby-red greets the noise with aromas of cherry, plum, slight spice with harmoniously balanced tannins

Hex Vom Dasenstein Pinot Noir

has an earthy and mineral qualities balanced with classic notes of dark cherry, plum and robust tannins

Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rose

light with aromas of fresh strawberries along with hints of grapefruit and melon with a clean zippy finish.


The Hex vom Dasenstein Pinot Noir is $23.95 /bottle. Not a bad price. Tasted pretty good and the art on the bottle is really nice.

Who would have thought there would be wine tastings in Epcot? What’s awesome about Epcot is that everyone is drinking and having a beer. This is definitely a place for adults to unwind.

German Pavilion, Epcot

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