Wahh Tee Burmese Restaurant: Hidden Gem

Diana Chan December 6, 2014 Burmese, Four Beakers, Kid Friendly, Renfrew-Collingwood


Wahh Tee Burmese Restaurant is close to Joyce Station in Vancouver. My mom has been searching for a good authentic Burmese restaurant for a long time as she spent part of her childhood there.

Burmese cuisine is actually quite interesting as it takes influences from India, Thailand, China, and Laos. So, when you take a look at their menu, don’t be surprised to see samosas here.


The restaurant seats about 16 people and only has 4 tables. We came here at 2pm, so it was quite dead, but we did see a few people do take out.


Myanmar Tea Leaf Salad ($5) has fermented tea leaves mixed with assorted fried beans. This is one of my favourite dishes! The fried beans give an amazing texture to the salad. There’s not a lot of tea leaves, but man, those beans are crunchy.


Noodle Salad ($5) has white flour noodles mixed with shrimp powder, tamarind sauce, bean powder, shredded cabbage, onions, and cilantro. It comes with a bit of soup on the side. This was really good! The flavours are really amazing! My little sister wanted to eat this all to herself.


Spicy Fish Noodle Soup (Large – $7.50) has rice noodle with fish broth, banana tree root, lemongrass, and cilantro. It was really good! It isn’t very spicy either but the broth was quite nice. I love the crunch of the fried bean crisps.


Spicy Fish Noodle Soup (Medium – $5.50) just a tad smaller, but still delicious.


Fish Noodle Soup (Medium – $5.50) was good too but was a bit bland, but they did provide some spicy peppers to add in. Man, adding those peppers made it hotter than the Spicy Fish Noodle Soup. The spicier the better! Mmm Mmm MMMM!


Deep Fried Vegetable Samosa was 6 pieces for $5. It comes with some spicy sauce on the side. It came super hot but once it cooled down it very delicious.


Beef Fried Rice ($8) uses jasmine rice the dish was quite bland by itself, but with the addition of some curry, it tastes pretty good.


The fried rice came with a mini salad with spicy sauce.


Shrimp Curry ($8) we didn’t get the rice to do with this since we had the fried rice already, so we ate it together.

Overall, the dishes were very cheap and affordable. The noodle dishes and salads are pretty darn delicious! This passed my mothers taste test, so it must be good.

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4942 Joyce St
Vancouver, BC


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