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Diana Chan August 18, 2010 Commercial Drive / Grandview, Three Beakers

IndecisiveGirl and I were leaving Simon Fraser University at 11pm after a meeting. We were craving for a late night snack in Vancouver. After countless failures to find a place open on Commercial Drive at midnight, we stumbled upon Waazubee Café.

We didn’t know much about the restaurant before hand, so we went in blind and asked the waitress for her recommendations. She suggested the Nachos, Mac & Cheese, Yam Fries and the BBQ Chuck Rib. After she told us about each of the items we had our heart set on the Mac & Cheese and BBQ Chuck Ribs.

As we sat waiting for our meals, I kept admiring the very strange wax candle holders and odd Jesus candle centerpieces, I couldn’t help but think about a past restaurant MedicalGiraffe and I went to the previous week – Subeez. After thinking and discussing the interior decor, Indecisivegirl told me to ask the waitress and sure enough, Wazzubees and Subeez are by the same owners!

As we devoured the Mac & Cheese, it was obvious that this dish has far surpassed the childhood Kraft Mac & Cheese! It was very savory and was made with some type of white cheese, it reminded me of the cheese you would use in cheese fondue but I can’t be certain. The Mac & Cheese was a great twist on the childhood classic. Even though this was made at 12am, you could still taste it was freshly made. The only thing we disliked from this dish was the green onion garnish on top. Perhaps the dish could have been better with finely chopped parsley.

The other dish we ordered was BBQ Chuck ribs, this came in nice thin slices upon a bed of some type of bean salsa. It was very nice and sour to balance the starchy taste of the beans. I personally do not like Potatoes or beans but it was a delight to try out.

Even though we did not try breakfast here, the breakfast menu did look very delicious! We will definitely hit this place up again to try their famous breakfasts!

Whether you are looking for a late night snack or a fantastic breakfast place, Waazubees is the spot to satisfy your cravings.

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