Vitae Juice: 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Diana Chan July 15, 2014 product


In May, I purchased a Social Shopper deal for a 3 day juice cleanse from Vitae Juice. 18 bottles of juice, plus 3 bottles of their Vitae Clear drink for $99 down from $180. Since its Summer, M and I are trying to go to the gym daily and eat better. Why not kick it off with a juice cleanse?

We had the option of choosing between 3 3-day cleanse options:

  • Restart (Great intro to cleansing)
  • Revamp (experienced cleansers)
  • Reform (Heavy veggie-based for expert cleansers)

M and I chose the Revamp because it was the option with the least ginger. We were just afraid of ginger because of our past juice cleansing experiences. But, little did we know Vitae Juice cleanses taste amazing.

The Revamp cleanse contains:

  • Spring Greens  x2
  • Crimson Rush
  • Brisk Yellow
  • Dark Greens
  • Dark Cocoa
  • Vitae Clear


Spring Greens was one of my favourites! Even though it has the ginger, I found the apple and lemon to counteract the bitter taste of the leafy vegetables.


Brisk Yellow was another sweet juice. The only ingredient that turned me off from this drink is the mint. It is quite subtle, so I didn’t mind it too much.


Crimson Rush is is a deep purple color because of the beet. If your poop is red, you know it was because of this drink. The beet give a very earthy taste to the drink, but it is sweetened a but by the apple.


Dark Cocoa is the most filling drinks out of all of them.


Dark Greens was pretty good too! A little bit similar to the Spring Greens.


Vitae Clear is supposed to bring consumed throughout the day to keep you hydrated. It looks super green but it tastes like water.

Overall, I was super surprised by the taste of all the juices. I usually don’t look forward to consuming drinks on a cleanse, but I craved the next drink day after day. If you are looking for a juice cleanse that doesn’t taste bad, take a look into Vitae Juice!

A juice cleanse isn’t for everyone. I usually find that I get headaches easily when doing a cleanse. I did the juice cleanse because I wanted to become healthier. I wasn’t in it for weight loss because it takes more than drinking juice sustain the weight loss. If you’ve seen the gross amount of things I eat, you know I need a good cleanse.


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