Vegan Inspired Dinner & Improv Comedy at Rocky Mountain Flatbread

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Although I may not be vegan, I can appreciate delicious vegan food. It’s been easier for me to accept vegan desserts since they don’t have dairy, but I’m open to expanding my palate with other vegan dishes. Rocky Mountain Flatbread introduced their all plant-based menu during a vegan-inspired dinner and improv comedy show. Roman came along and pleasantly surprised me with how much he enjoyed the vegan offerings (he’s not even close to being vegetarian).

The evening started out with cocktails. We sipped on RMFB’s White Sangria, which had cranberries, apples and a dash of cinnamon. It was crisp and refreshing and is a great Fall cocktail.

The other drink we sipped on before the improv show started was a Dark & Stormy, which I enjoyed because of my love for ginger beer. The only critique I had for this cocktail was that it needed a good stir since all the good stuff settled to the bottom.

As we got some appies on our plates and settled into our seats, the four players of the night came and introduced themselves to the guests. They encouraged our participation by calling out suggestions to direct their dialogue.

One “game” was called “Make it better. Make it worse. Make it vegan,” which had the guests call out one of the three options. It was funny hearing how silly the dialogue got as the comics made us laugh in between bites of food.

In addition to the vegan options, RMFB also had vegetarian (and even a meat lover’s option for people like my fiancé). I focused my tasting experience on the vegan options and here were some of my favourites:

  • Mushroom Caps
  • Bruschetta
  • Beet and Arugula Salad
  • Margharita Pizza
  • Wild Mushroom Pizza
  • Mushroom Ragout Pasta

The mushroom caps were roasted and stuffed with sundried tomato hummus and came with an organic tomato sauce dip. The bruschetta was simple and tasty. Both of these vegan appetizers were great starters to nibble on while we sipped on cocktails.

The vegan pizzas were delicious, it almost made me forget that there was no meat! If I were to eat one all to myself, I know I won’t feel guilty about it since it’s a healthier option and I’m also getting my serving of veggies (which I usually forget about). Since I can’t really enjoy cheese, RFMB has a house-made vegan cheese called “Cau Cheese”. It’s made with cauliflower, nutritional yeast, organic apple cider, lemon juice and garlic. It’s a tasty alternative to cheese and I love that it’s lactose-intolerant friendly.

The owner, Suzanne, was so kind to even offer me a dairy-free dessert which came as their seasonal sorbet offering. Their Black Currant and Lemon Sorbet packed a tart punch of flavour and is definitely a palate-cleanser. I would recommend sharing this with someone since the portion is quite generous.

Roman and I enjoyed an evening of laughter and delicious plant-based dishes. It’s great having a place like RMFB that has vegan options, especially for people with dietary restrictions or food allergies.

1876 W 1st Ave, Vancouver


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