VanVan: New Japanese Izakaya on Robson Street

Diana Chan October 16, 2014 Downtown, Izakaya, Japanese, Three Beakers


VanVan opened in the Summer of 2014  and a lot of people have been attracted by their $9.50 pitchers that they were offering, but sadly it has now ended, so a pitcher will cost $12.95. They are a Japanese Izakaya, so they an assortment of food to go with drinks.


There isn’t too much seating and they encourage people to make reservations because it always seems like they have large groups for the weekends. We tried coming here a few weeks ago and they told us there was no more space for a table of 3.


They also have chalkboard walls around most of the interior. You’ll find cute drawings and a lot of other stuff written on there.


Pitcher of Sapporo ($12.95) is how KoreanGirl and I kicked off the evening. They surprisingly made a great pour to the top of the pitcher. Very minimal head. It made us sad that there was no more cheap beer anymore. Perhaps it was because of the government.

Either way, we enjoyed the beer over girl talk and food.


Ebi Mayo ($7.80) is battered prawns with a thousand island mayo sauce. It came with 5 pieces and was crunchy on the outside and soft and steamy on the inside. I wasn’t a fan of the thousand island mayo sauce, but it would be nice to have something more spicy.


Nasu Dengaku ($6.80) is deep-fried eggplant with miso sauce and the other one has a tomato cheese sauce. I love eggplant, so I naturally gravitated to order this dish. It came out piping hot and slathered with yummy sauces. I really enjoyed the one with miso sauce.


Ichigo Daifuku ($4) is strawberry and red bean wrapped in mochi. It had a lot of red bean inside. It would be better if it was filled with ice cream instead.

Overall, the food was quite average for an izakaya. The atmosphere is great, but food still needs an improvement. Since they are still quite new, I am sure they will improve over time.

We Rate VanVan

1333 Robson St
Vancouver BC


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