Starbucks Canada: Unicorn Frappuccino Review

Diana Chan April 20, 2017 British Columbia, Cafe

You may have heard Starbucks is introducing the Unicorn Frappuccino for a limited time only. It is available April 19-23 until supplies last. From what I’ve seen, it is available in Canada and the United States.

The Unicorn Frappuccino starts as a pink beverage with swirls of blue and a first taste that is sweet and fruity. But give it a stir and its colour changes to purple, and the flavour evolves to tangy and tart. The more the swirl, the more the beverage’s colour and flavours transform. The Unicorn Frappuccino is made with a dusting of pink topping blended into a crème Frappuccino with mango syrup and layered with a pleasantly sour blue drizzle. It is finished with vanilla whipped cream and a sprinkle of sweet pink and sour blue topping.

I could definitely taste the mango syrup initially but it wasn’t overly sweet. When I saw it, it seemed like it would be very very sweet from the bright colours. It was a so-so drink, but it’s definitely more for aesthetics than taste. For sure Instagram worthy, but not a drink you would come back to.


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