Uncle Lu 安可盧萬巒豬腳: Taiwanese Cafe in Richmond

Diana Chan March 18, 2015 Bubble Tea, Cafe, Richmond, Taiwanese, Three Beakers


Uncle Lu is a new café that opened last year in Richmond. They are a Taiwanese bubble tea café specializing in braised pork hock, noodle soups and bubble tea.


The restaurant has high ceilings and they also have a good amount of booth seating.


I’m pretty picky when it comes to bubble tea. So when we asked if they use powder in their bubble tea, they said no. But the waitress didn’t understand our question. Definitely lost in translation. After putting in our order, we saw them take out the large powdered containers and then we knew they use powder. We inquired with another waiter and he did confirm they only use powder since there’s not a lot of fruit in season during winter.


Royal Milk Tea ($4.75) was alright. It did have quite a bit of foam at the top.


Mango Slush with pearls ($4.75) is a nice refreshing drink when it’s hot outside. Great for summer.


Deep Fried Peppery Chicken with Basil ($6.75) is a good snack. Good for sharing too. Nice crunchy exterior with juicy tender meat inside.


Braised Pork Hock is marinated in soy sauce and comes with a potent garlic sauce. Certain parts are quite fatty so we just avoided those parts.


Five Spice Beef Wrap ($5.95) comes chopped up into 5 pieces. Good flavour of the five spiced beef.


Taiwanese Style Grilled Steak ($10.95) comes on a hot skillet with noodles, veggies and egg. I found the dish quite bland even-though it comes with a peppery sauce. I prefer the skillets at Strike.


Overall, the food was ok, but I wasn’t too impressed. Perhaps it was because we ordered pretty typical items that would be found at most Taiwanese Cafes.

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3779 Sexsmith Rd
Richmond, BC

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