Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

M here, and tonight I decided to order in for once. Who says take aways and delivery food are subpar to eating at a restaurant? I went to Uncle Fatih’s Pizza online and let me tell you, their website is awesome! It beats Dominos’, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut’s website hands down! I chose Uncle Fatih’s thanks to Sherman’s Food Adventures. (Link: Like Sherman, I thought Uncle Fatih was Uncle Faith. I still call it that!

Unfortunately, they could not deliver to my house, even though I live pretty close to their East Broadway branch. No matter I ordered online for a pickup. I was worried the order didn’t go through for a nervous 30 minutes, when the phone call came.

I rushed down there at 11:30 PM and I was surprised on how packed and clean this small pizza place looked. It was VERY clean. If it was slightly bigger, it would’ve made an awesome pizza parlour. A group of people eating pizza at 11:30 at night is a good sign that the pizza is cheap and delicious.

I ordered the Meat Lover’s Large pizza and believe me, it is loaded with meat. In my personal opinion, the best pizzas are the ones with extra pizza sauce and good cheese. Unfortunately there wasn’t an excess of both of these on this pizza.

What lacked in sauce and cheese are the toppings! Ground beef literally fell off because it had no cheese surface to cling to. The ingredients were delicious and was on par with major chain pizza places. There was no option online to add extra anything, so next time I’m going to order by phone!

The large pizza came to a measly $16.95, so awesome price for awesome pizza.

Have Faith in Uncle Fatih’s Pizza and order now on their awesome website:! Why pay more for pizza when you can get great quality pizza at Uncle Fatih’s Pizza? 2 slices and drink for under 5 bucks is a deal when you are on commute in Commercial station!


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  1. Sherman September 27, 2010 at 8:26 am

    Thanks for the shout out!

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