Ubuntu Canteen: Community-focused Restaurant on Fraser Street

Diana Chan April 21, 2019 Brunch, Cafe, Victoria-Fraserview/Killarney

Ubuntu Canteen is an organic restaurant, bakery and community space on Fraser Street. It’s a really great concept and I love how they are engrained in the community and giving their customers a fantastic gathering space.

We were invited for brunch during the weekday to see what delicious dishes they have pumping out of their kitchen.


The space is very open and there is lots of space to roam around. Great for small to large groups. As a new mom, I appreciate the layout and how it’s so accommodating to strollers and families. Love, love, love it!


Pastries and Baked Goods

There is a good selection of pastries and baked goods at the counter. You can’t go wrong with any of them as they pair well with their coffee.

Chocolate Croissant

A standard chocolate croissant that is buttery and flakey with sticks of chocolate inside.

Raisin Swirl

A sweet flakey swirl with raisins was surprisingly good. Not too sweet and works well when sipping on a cup of coffee.

Coffee Brioche Bun

This was pretty delicious with the coffee cream hiding inside the brioche bun. The flavours inside do change up occasionally, so next time they might have a different flavour.


A solid croissant that is buttery and full of layers.


Cortado is an espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk to reduce the acidity. More popular in Europe than it is in North America, but it can be found on some menus in Vancouver. They use the beans from Bows x Arrows, which actually used to occupy this space.

Ham and cheese croissant

This crispy croissant is stuffed with cheese, then topped with ham and scrambled eggs. It looks amazing and tastes equally as delicious. Everything should be topped with scrambled eggs all the time.

Bavarian sausage

There are 2 pieces of Bavarian sausage, freshly baked pretzel, mustard and kraut. If you’re looking for something simply German, this is it. The pretzel is really delicious.

Chicken Broth

Who knew chicken broth could taste so good. It is topped with green onions and sesame. It reminded us of a really clean and nutritious pho broth but with chicken. We wouldn’t have ever thought about ordering this, but we were glad they insisted on it.

Red Fife Risotto

This isn’t your typical risotto. It also has Nettle Pesto, ricotta, and a poached egg. The grains have a nice bite and texture to it.

Roasted mushroom Tartine

A slice of artisan bread is topped with hummus, assorted mushrooms, preserved lemon and greens. This is great for any mushroom lover and it comes with a side salad too.

The side salad is nothing special, but it was a nice addition to the tartine to get more greens into the diet.

Lamb Bolognese

You can’t go wrong with Henry corn polenta topped with lamb bolognese and a beautiful sunny side up egg. The lamb bolognese is very flavourful and kept us wanting more.


This items is available after 11am. You can have this as a quarter bird, half bird, or full bird. We ended getting half a bird for our order. The chicken comes accompanied with mushrooms, grains, sour cream, radish and spinach.

The chicken was juicy and flavourful. The skin isn’t overly spiced, so the natural flavours of the chicken do shine through.

Final Thoughts

The food here is fantastic along with their coffee that they serve. They are very proud to be working with so many local producers to offer the best food possible. Along with the focus of having a community space, its one that I will definitely be returning to.

They also have a lot of fun activities happening here like a book club, wine club, Sunday supper series, film night, and more. Check their website or their social media for the latest events.

4194 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC


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