5 things about Uber Eats in Vancouver

Paulina Tsui December 22, 2017 British Columbia, Delivery

Uber Eats has launched in Vancouver! They held their launch party at Juke Fried Chicken. It was a night of comfort food, flowing cocktails and chatting with foodies and Uber reps.

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Here’s 5 things I learned that night about Uber Eats in Vancouver:

  1. They have 150 restaurants listed already. Juke was one of the first restaurants they got onboard which is why their party was hosted there.
  2. They already have 200 drivers. Not surprising given how flexible the gig is and how many of us are trying to figure out side hustles given our cost of living.
  3. The delivery zone includes Downtown Vancouver, Kits, Arbutus Ridge, Mt. Pleasant and parts of East Van that are west of Nanaimo. More succinctly, the delivery zone is everything in Vancouver proper that is north of 33rd between Blenheim on the west to Nanaimo in the east. Except Stanley Park. Sorry Third Beach.
  4. You can be a bike courier for them! Exercise and get paid, hey that’s not bad.
  5. Their Vancouver office is a solid team of three. So far. While it seemed the party had about as many bloggers and media as there were Uber staff, only three are based in Vancouver.

Vancouver already has a bunch of food delivery services, what makes Uber Eats different?

After trying it with Diana for lunch the next day, I realize it’s the app that makes a difference. Just like Uber’s car service, you can see exactly where you food is on a map and how far away it is.

For people ordering from work, that means no wasted time going downstairs to wait for your food. Or worse, when your delivery comes but you aren’t there to pick it up.

Cool, now when are we getting the regular Uber?

P.S. Juke has amazing cocktails. Try the Street Life for something fun and light – Gin, thai basil cucumber, citrus, bubbly or NY State of Mind for something sophisticated and boozy – beet bourbon, sweet Vermouth B&B, bitters.

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