United Airlines: Vancouver to Denver (UA 381)

Diana Chan October 31, 2017 Airplane Meals, British Columbia, Colorado

Heading off to another adventure in Colorado to visit their gorgeous landscape created by the Rocky Mountains. I booked my flight with United Airlines as it was the cheapest option that was convenient for my schedule.

I boarded flight UA 381 on a Boeing 747 in economy on the weekend around noon. Getting through security at Vancouver International Airport is a breeze and the airport is very easily navigable.


The boarding was delayed by 30 minutes as there was a crew member stuck in security, but it didn’t affect the arrival time as the winds were in our favour.


The flight wasn’t full, so I had a whole row to myself, which never happens. I‘m so used to them overbooking flights. The 2 hour and 45 minute flight was smooth.

The seats weren’t cramped at all, but then again, I am 5’3, so I can fit mostly anywhere. The seats reclined a bit and the headrest to bendable to hold your head in place as you nap. Most people on the flight read a book, slept or was listening to music.


We were given complimentary snacks and beverage. We got Bits & Bites and a beverage. I usually ask for the whole can of pop since I get pretty thirsty on planes.

You can purchase additional food and beverages from their onboard menu. Decent prices, but the food options aren’t exciting. Items like candy, sandwiches, and alcoholic beverages. I usually eat before or after flights.


There are power outlets under the seat, but no monitors. As for entertainment, you can connect your personal device to their wifi and use their United App to access movies and tvs shows for free. There was a good amount of movies like Toy Story 3, Step Brothers, Captain America, and other popular shows. I don’t mind having no screens on flights since it helps reduce costs for the airline and in turn give us customers a cheaper flight.

You can also purchase wifi access for a few dollars if you need.

Final Thoughts

With all the bad press United Airlines has gotten in the past, I found the experience totally fine. I make sure to arrive early and book connecting flights with ample time to catch the next flight and I don’t check in bags anymore. Plus, the price was really good compared to some other competitors.


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  1. Thomas Riley November 2, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Just so you know, for any plane lovers that land here, the flight certainly wasn’t a 747. A 737 or 757. I’m not an expert by any means, but I’m guessing a 737.

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