Two Two Fried Chicken: Beer and Chicken in Seoul, South Korea

Diana Chan August 8, 2012 Korean, Three Beakers, Yeoksam

Two Two Fried Chicken is a chain restaurant in Seoul. Their first location was in Myeong-dong in 1978 under the name Gela Chicken, but changed their name in 1990. They now have several locations around Seoul and is still expanding into other countries.

After you put down your order with your server, you get complementary side dishes depending on what you order.

Popcorn (Left) accompanies beer that you order. It’s not like the traditional popcorn in North America, but it’s so good!

Pickled Radishes (Right) accompanies the fried chicken that you order. I love this stuff! So good and addictive!

Cass Beer is a Korean manufactured beer. It’s light and very good to eat with chicken.

I ordered the fried chicken with a bit of spice. It was good, but the chicken was a tad dry. The spices rubbed on the chicken was very good and the amount of spiciness tasted great. I didn’t like the cabbage with the ketchup and mayo on the side.

Overall, the chicken was good, but could be more juicy. When you visit Korea, you must have fried chicken and beer!

Words of Wisdom:

  • They have an english menu
  • Smoking is allowed (they give you an ashtray at your table)
  • You pay the cashier at the front of the restaurant

We Rate Two Two Fried Chicken:

Locations: All around Seoul in popular areas

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