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Diana Chan November 25, 2010 Brunch, Downtown, Four Beakers, French

The Twisted Fork Bistro is THE place to go for brunch. It is claimed to be the best brunch place in town. I am always skeptical when people tell me it’s the best. Twisted Fork Bistro opens at 10am, but there are people lining up at 9am to be the first seating. CanuckGirl and I got there at 10:45ish and we were only waited 15 mins to get a table. Unfortunately, for the groups that were over 5 people…had to wait well over 45 mins for a table.

If you are one of the unlucky ones waiting outside in the FREEZING cold, you can take a look at their menu to anticipate what you want to order! Sometimes this may not be the best idea because it may make you hungrier …and hungrier….and then you may want to kill someone.

The interior of the Twister Fork Bistro is quite narrow and hard to accomodate since well….you can see for yourself.

Their menu is on one page and brunch is only $11!

There is a reason this place is called Twisted Fork Bistro…the forks on their menu is TWISTED!

I ordered Grapefruit Juice ($3.50).

The Croque Monsieur is a ham and cheese sandwich battered and fried. This Croque Monsieur has brioche, gruyere, and ham. It is served with fresh green and a house tomato sauce. I found the sandwich to be quite big for breakfast. A bit heavy as well. You must dunk the Croque Monsieur with the house tomato sauce!

CanuckGirl ordered the eggs benny! It had brioche, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Served with baked beans and sauteed spinach.  You can even choose our choice of filler – chorizo, ham, bacon, chicken, smoked salmon, avocado, tomato or prosciutto. CanuckGirl chose the prosciutto filled. She was amazed with it because they were not skimpy on the prosciutto!

The brioche made the eggs benny taste like heaven. No more typical english muffin!

Words of Wisdom:

  • Long lineups for brunch
  • Best to go in 2’s or 3’s to avoid 30+ min waits
  • Eggs Benny is a must!

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