Turk’s Coffee Bar: Iced Americano and Banana Bread

Diana Chan June 21, 2014 Cafe, Commercial Drive / Grandview, Three Beakers


Turk’s Coffee Bar is located to Commercial Drive and has been serving coffee since 1997. They serve Milano coffee since that is their parent company. It’s not a bad things since they have good tasting espresso beans. Milano Coffee has won several international awards for their espressos. I came here with Mandu to get a taste of their coffee.


The interior is quite and during peak hours, this place is packed with people. A lot of people have mixed feelings because of the poor service.


After I ordered my drink, a few items came out but everyone was confused who’s drink was who’s as they looked similar. Because the staff were so busy making drinks, no one noticed the customers trying to ask them questions.


Iced Americano is what they had instead of generic iced coffee. I just added some milk and sugar for taste. It tasted great and perfect for the hot weather.


Erin Ireland’s To Die For Banana Bread was being sold here. It took me so long to finally try this. It has a top crust of macadamia nuts and chocolate chunks. It is quite moist and flavourful. You can taste the prominent banana and the nuts and chocolate add great texture.

Overall, good coffee and snacks on The Drive. Too bad the service wasn’t as friendly as I would have liked.

We Rate Turk’s Coffee Bar

1276 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC


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