Turducken: From Your Butcher

Diana Chan December 30, 2016 British Columbia, product, Specialty Shop

For this Christmas, we wanted to try something different. We usually make a roast turkey, but we thought we would try to get a turducken.

A turducken is a turkey stuffed with a deboned duck and then a deboned chicken.

We talked to a few butchers in Metro Vancouver and Beefway Meats on Kingsway was able to put together a 16lb turducken for $8.99 per pound. We ordered ahead of time so they could prepare it for us.

We chose them as they acquire meats that are local and hormone-free.

The turducken came vacuumed sealed and wrapped in a mesh to keep it all together. Before preparing it, we made sure we took it out of the fridge to bring it up to room temperature.

When we asked them what was the best way to cook it, they told us to look it up on Google.


We moved the turducken onto a roasting pan, smothered it in butter and herbs. You can go to your grocery store and purchase a poultry blend (Rosemary, Sage, Thyme) of fresh herbs. If they don’t have it, try to get the separately.

Finally, we cover it with bacon to add more flavour and to keep the turducken more moist. One pack of bacon should do the trick.


Looking at so many different websites for cooking times, we just did ours at 250°F for about 5.5 hours until the internal temperature of 145°F.

After it was done, we let it rest so all the juices don’t flow out.

Final Thoughts

The thought of having a turducken seemed so glorious in my mind, but left us all a bit unsatisfied in the end. It was really hard to cut and fell apart easily. The layers were a bit dry and lacked the buttery goodness. Since each layer didn’t have extra butter or herbs, it couldn’t penetrate into the meat.

We are still glad we tried it out but I think in the future we will stick with a regular turkey.

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