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Diana Chan August 7, 2016 British Columbia, product


Have you seen Tubify around town selling their organic craft freezies? You can find them at special events around town or near Science World. It’s been a while since I’ve had freezies. I would remember our freezer would be stocked with them during the hot Summers.


They have 7 flavours to choose from and they retail for $4. They use organic ingredients, filtered water and Fair Trade products. It is also certified Vegan.

Here are a few of their flavours:

  • Raspberry Raven Lemonade
  • Minty Moose Limeade
  • Blueberry Elephant
  • Coconut Koala Cold Brew
  • Strawberry Thunderbird
  • Mango Tiger
  • Triple Berry Iced T-Rex


Blueberry Elephant is packed with organic blueberries, organic not from concentrate orange juice, organic extra virgin olive oil, and Fair Trade organic evaporated can juice. Great for berry lovers and you can see a lot of the blueberry bits inside.

Raspberry Raven Lemonade has filtered water, organic raspberries, not from concentrate lemon juice and Fair Trade organic evaporated cane juice. Can can taste the bits of raspberries inside, but the lemonade made it pretty sour.

Strawberry Thunderbird has organic BC strawberries, organic, not from concentrated orange juice, organic extra virgin olive oil and Fair Trade organic evaporated cane juice. Has a dominant strawberry taste and it was very good.

Minty Moose Limeade has filtered water, organic not from concentrate lime juice,  Fair Trade organic evaporated cane juice and mint. I wasn’t a fan of this flavour. It was very sour and the hints of mint didn’t work too well.

Coconut Koala Cold Brew has a very strong coffee taste with the hints of coconut.


Overall, the freezies do taste great and will relieve you from the blazing Summer heat. At $4, it is pretty pricy, but they do go above and beyond with the ingredients they put inside.

Not sure where to find them? Check out their website.



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