T&T: Another Cheap Lunch

Diana Chan April 10, 2011 Chinatown, Specialty Shop, Three Beakers

My coworker and I wanted to grab some food at T&T for cheap! So, during our lunchbreak, we headed over to grab a few things to go. We hoped onto the Granville Skytrain and got off at Stadium Skytrain.

My goal yet again was to keep everything under $10. Surprisingly I got a lot of food for under $10. I didn’t get the hot food again, but I wanted to try to be healthy as well.

I grabbed a pack of 2 rice rolls. One of them had marinated pig ear and the other had shrimp. Some people are disgusted by pig ear, but some people like me love it. Just be warned, even though the packaging says “pork”, you are not getting the usual pork meat. It is the pig ear.

The rice rolls were not very large like the ones you would find in restaurants. Perhaps half the size. It’s not necessarily a bad thing because you get to taste both kind of rice rolls without being stuffed.

Next, I got the Negituna (~$2). This is not Negitoro, it uses the usual tuna sashimi and not the meat from the belly.

Since these were the small sushi rolls, I really didn’t noticed much of a difference. There is the tuna and the green onions wrapped up in the rice and seaweed.

Usual, I had to balance this meal with fruit. T&T has a lot of cut fruit, but I noticed that most of them do not look very appetizing. You need to look through all of them to find the fresh ones that are made in the morning. The ones that have noticeable moisture like the one above is not very fresh.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Lots of Hot and cold food items
  • Under $10
  • Limited seating
  • Do grocery shopping as the same time as eating lunch
  • Free Parking at Tinsel Town

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Vancouver, BC

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