Tsuki Sushi Bar: Sushi in Gastown

Diana Chan August 5, 2013 Gastown, Japanese, Seafood, Sushi, Three Beakers

Tsuki Sushi Bar

Tsuki Sushi Bar is a new restaurant located close to Gastown and Chinatown. It’s across the street from Tinseltown. I pass by this place often and was curious about how their sushi would compare with some other places in town.

I came here with Magz for lunch since it’s so hard to find good sushi near our work place.

Tsuki Sushi Bar

The interior looks pretty awesome with its high ceilings.

Tsuki Sushi Bar

Complimentary tea arrives. Sushi really isn’t complete without tea.

Tsuki Sushi Bar

Complimentary Miso Soup came to the table before our item arrived. It was decent and had lot of tiny tofu at the bottom of the bowl.

Tsuki Sushi Bar

Chawan Mushi is what Magz ordered. It is a Japanese steamed egg custard. It was packed full of seafood, mushrooms, and vegetables. Really delicious.

Tsuki Sushi Bar

Can’t remember the name of this roll but it was a California roll with avocado and eel on top. It tasted ok, but wasn’t anything super amazing.

Tsuki Sushi Bar

Aburi Combo ($11.50) came with 5 pieces – unagi, saba, scallop, salmon, and tuna. Each one had their own unique sauce to compliment the flavours. A lot of people of Fourquare recommended this dish, but I didn’t think it was a very well executed dish.

The aburi could be seared a bit more since you could barely taste the charcoal. The cuts were also quite lean, so it didn’t really melt in your mouth.

Overall, the dishes we had here were ok. I wasn’t too impressed with their sushi.

We rate Tsuki Sushi Bar: 

509 Abbott St
Vancouver, BC


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