Triple O’s #SecretMenu: Triple Triple Burger

M July 31, 2013 Downtown, Fast Food

Hello, this is M, back with another fast food review.

Triple O’s #SecretMenu

This time, I went to Triple O’s to try out their new #secretmenu which includes the “Triple Triple Burger combo”.

First of all, it was difficult to even find a Triple O’s that wasn’t pure take out. The locations I knew of in Robson and Davie, were both closed. Google Maps showed that there was one in Bentall Centre, so I took 3 of my co-workers on an epic journey into a place we all never went to.

Triple O’s #SecretMenu

The Triple Triple burger ($9.99) is named after it’s triple patty and triple cheese composition. I believe that each patty is a quarter pound, so basically you’re eating a 3/4 pounder burger.

Triple O’s #SecretMenu

I brought 3 guys with me and split the 2 burgers in half and it was filling enough.

The burger was technically good, because I’m a fan of Triple O sauce and saucieness of their burgers. The bun was really boring and normal, the lettuce was sliced, and the tomato didn’t contribute anything to the burger.

The fries were atrocious! One of the worst fries in a fast food chain. It was stale tasting and needed globs of ketchup to wolf it down.

Triple O’s #SecretMenu

The Triple Triple is basically a burger that has nothing but the size going for it.

If you asked me 3+ years ago, I would have loved the idea of big burgers. However, now I know it doesn’t matter the size of the burger, but the quality of the ingredients and the taste of pure ground beef that is the most important thing in an amazing burger. I’d take a single Triple O’s burger any day, the Triple Triple just felt like an indulgence, and it wasn’t a good one.

To be fair, out of all the Triple patty burgers, the Triple Triple was one of the best for the fast food category of burgers. Triple O’s burgers are probably the “softest” burgers in the fast food business, that is the bun is soft, the lettuce is sliced, and it’s super saucy. In that aspect, it’s easy to eat fast and leaves you feeling full.

1055 Dunsmuir St
Vancouver, BC


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