Food Network Canada’s Recipe to Riches: Triple Nut Toffee

Diana Chan November 25, 2012 Food for Thought, product

In episode 6 of Recipe to Riches on Food Network Canada, they feature Don Harquail of Burnaby, British Columbia! He battles a few others in the Candies and Chocolate Category. My mom was pretty excited about going to Superstore to pick up this product because we live in Burnaby too, she’s a little bit silly sometimes.

Don Harquail is a charming man from Burnaby, British Columbia with a kind heart, a green thumb and a new lease on life. After suddenly falling ill several years ago, Don used baking as a form of therapy on his long road to recovery. Today, along with tending to his backyard greenhouse of prize orchids, Don takes great joy in treating his many friends to his delectable baked creations.

This product can be found at any Presidents Choice stores across Canada for $5.99. It comes ready to eat out of the box and there’s no cooking required.

With the chocolates laid out like that, you should cut it into 8 potions. I took it out of the tray and put it on a cutting board to slice it up.

The triple toffee nut contains almonds, cashews, pine nuts and sesame seeds topped with buttery toffee and milk chocolate buttons on a graham cracker crust.

At first glance, it looked super sweet, but it isn’t! My whole family enjoyed it. It was like peanut brittle on top of graham cracker crust.

Unfortunately, we broke the rest by accident. We used a sharp butcher knife too, so we have no idea what went wrong. If you get these too, make sure you have a super duper sharp knife or some sort of cool cutting technique.

If you find a good cutting technique let me know!

The recipe is on their website here.

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