Toyotomi: All You Can Eat Hot Pot & Sashimi

Diana Chan July 24, 2013 All You Can Eat, Chinese, Japanese, Richmond, Three Beakers


Toyatomi is a Japanese restaurant that features all you can eat hot pot and sashimi in Richmond. When I heard there was all you can eat sashimi, I just had to come here with some friends.

We made reservations ahead of time for 8pm. For those that didn’t make a reservation, they had to wait a while for a seat. Make sure to get a reservation before coming here.

AYCE hotpot is $14 and the addition of the AYCE sashimi is $6. You can’t order the AYCE sashimi on its own.


All the information is on the wall if you are sitting in a booth. You need to add extra for the soup base, plus and sauces. The price tag does add up. At the end of the meal, it’s about $30 per person.


This is the main ordering sheet where you want to choose what you want. On a few of the items, there are quantity restrictions like the tuna toro sashimi, oysters and black cod.


Anything you order and don’t finish, they have a penalty record displayed on their menus to discourage people from over ordering.


Soup base is an additional $8.68. There’s no way of not ordering it or else all your food would just taste boiled and bland. We chose the sukiyaki beef flavour.


Oysters, black cod, tofu puff, mussels, tofu puff, shrimp wonton, and fish tofu.

They are very accurate about their orders, so what you order is what you get. If you complain, the servers are going to give you some attitude.


Tai sashimi, ika sashimi, saba sashimi, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi, spicy tuna sashimi, spicy salmon sashimi, and tuna toro sashimi. 

There’s a good amount of variety, and the $6 extra is definitely worth it.


AAA prime beef, snow beef, pork shoulder, lamb shoulder, and pork cheek.

It’s per piece, so make sure to order lots in the very beginning.




Deep Fried Chili salmon

It contains a lot of long bones, so not very good for kids…or in our case adults that hate picking at bones.


BBQ Yam and deep fried mochi. 

Some people at the table likes it, but some people didn’t. Instead of filling up on carbs, you should definitely order more protein.


Beef sashimi is very good. Order lots of it!!!!


The second time we ordered salmon sashimi, it looked so much better and presentable. When you go during peak times, the cutting of the sashimi gets a bit sloppy. But later in the night, it gets so much better.

Overall, the people who I dined with had mixed reactions. The quality of the food was good, but the service was a bit lacking. The quality also varies depending on how busy the restaurant is. Also, the extra changes for soup base and sauces.

We Rate Toyotomi:

110 – 8111 Anderson Road
Richmond, BC


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