Tokachi Gyuu Japanese Restaurant: Gross Japanese Restaurant

Diana Chan September 27, 2012 Cafe, Japanese, Tin Shui Wai, Two Beakers

Tokachi Gyuu Japanese Restaurant has several restaurants all over Hong Kong. We wanted to try something different for lunch, so we thought about coming to this restaurant.

Outside the restaurant, there is a huge menu. If you are waiting, you can figure out what you want before being seated. Or if you are passing by, you can see what they serve.

During lunch time, this place was packed. It was hard getting a table of 5.

Your lunch meal sets come with drinks. You can add a few bucks for them to make it an ice drink instead of a hot drink. We ordered chrysanthemum tea and milk tea. The milk tea was good, but the chrysanthemum tea was way too sweet! It was very hard to drink.

Ramen was nowhere near authentic. It wasn’t very good either.

Baked Seafood on rice wasn’t very large and had an ok amount of seafood. None of the seafood was very fresh, probably pre-frozen.

Kimchi noodle soup with dumplings was pretty spicy and hot. I was feeling like having something spicy so I chose this. It’s not exactly Japanese as it was Korean…but it wasn’t authentic Korean either. All the items here have a Chinese twist to it.

Spicy beef brisket with rice was what my grandpa had. It was probably the only decent dish that we all ordered. The meat was tender and had a good amount of spice.

My moms combo came with noodles and fried fish.

Noodles with fried dumplings was very mediocre.

Fried fish with salad was ok as well. Not too impressive.

Overall, if you are looking for Japanese food, don’t come here. It is nowhere close to authentic or even decent. Most of the items here have a Chinese twist to the dishes. I would not come here again. It was expensive and the service was atrocious!

We Rate Tokachi Gyuu Japanese Restaurant:

Shop L047, G/F, Tin Yiu Plaza, Tin Shui Wai

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