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RomanJ May 15, 2011 Japanese, Surrey, Two Beakers

Hello Internet! RomanJ here! This time we went to Togo Sushi inside Guildford Mall located in Surrey. I usually avoid going to Togo Sushi because I always dismiss it as a fast food sushi place for mall employees. However this time, my sister and I had a deep craving for sushi and we didn’t want to drive all the way to Vancouver. Since we were already in the mall doing errands, we decided to try Togo Sushi.

Togo Sushi in Guildford Mall is surprisingly nice. It’s brightly lit with dark wooden seats and nice décor setting the atmosphere. To order you have to go up to the counter, place your order then wait at your table with the number. The sushi arrives all together on a plate.

We ordered, assorted sashimi, Alaska Roll and a Maki combo consisting of: a California roll, dynamite roll and a tuna roll.

The Assorted Sashimi ($11.95) has some pretty big pieces of sashimi. Salmon sashimi was surprisingly not bad, however the Tuna sashimi was a big disappointment. The tuna was very cold, making us speculate that it was pre-cut and refrigerated.

The Maki combo ($8.75) was probably the best deal on the menu. The California roll is nothing spectacular but standard, the dynamite roll was surprisingly good; the tempura in the roll was fresh, and the Tuna roll was decent.

The Alaska Roll ($3.95) was extremely good, beyond my expectation from Togo. I believe the salmon covering the roll added the extra flavor to the roll.

Togo Sushi is a decent sushi place, where people can go to get a quick fix of sushi. It does have some decent rolls, however I would not go here looking to try new exotic rolls. Togo Sushi does cater for the people who are on the go and it’s decently price.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Maki Combo ($8.75) probably the best value on the menu
  • Fast food Sushi

We Rate ToGo Sushi:


2320 Guildford Town Centre
Surrey, BC



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