Timbertrain Coffee Roaster: Awesome Coffee in Gastown

Diana Chan August 13, 2014 Cafe, Gastown, Kid Friendly, Three Beakers


Timbertrain Coffee Roasters is located in the heart of historical Gastown in Vancouver, BC. They are committed to the science of brewing a perfect coffee every time. CoffeeGuy introduced us to Timbertrain and he swears their coffee is amazing and unique.


The space is quite unique as it has the coffee bar on one side and then seating on the other side. The seats are pretty cool and has a crazy design. to fit a lot of people in a weird configuration.


They sell coffee and pastries, but one item that is quite unique is the Cold Brewed Coffee on Tap.


What coffee comes from a tap? It’s pretty awesome and I haven’t seen any other place do this yet. You get a foamy coffee head just like beer. The Cold Brew is strong and smooth. You will sure be 100% caffeinated after this.


Latte is what you can get if you love milky foam and yummy espresso.


Affogato has a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso. It’s the perfect summer treat. The espresso and vanilla ice cream combo was great but I felt like their ice cream could have used a little bit of work.



They also have some cool contraptions to brew their coffee. At the very end, they is a tap that dispenses still water and sparkling water. It’s pretty damn awesome.


We all had a great time here with the family on a weekend. Great coffee, great atmosphere, and great company.

We Rate Timbertrain Coffee Roasters

311 W Cordova St
Vancouver BC


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