Tim Hortons: Triple Chocolate Grossness

Diana Chan November 5, 2010 Fast Food

At SFU, when you are in the West Mall Complex, there really isn’t anything to eat except for Tim Hortons. The lines are long, so I always have to keep an eye out when the lines are empty.

I got my usual chicken snack wrap with ranch sauce. It is decent, but nothing is ever fresh or “real” tasting.

Tim Hortons has this new donut called the triple chocolate donut. It has chocolate filling, chocolate frosting, and topped with chocolate chips. 3 of my friends have tried this with me and we all could not finish it because it was way too sweet! The chocolate chips were too much. All 3 of us left 1/4 undone and had to throw it away.

To end everything off, I had a medium green tea! I love my green tea. It was perfect to wash the taste of triple chocolate donut out of my mouth.

Truth be told, I have never liked Tim Hortons. I know…it is probably very bad for a Canadian to say…but the food is just horrible. The drinks are good especially the Iced Caps.

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