Tim Hortons: Perfectly Uncomplicated Latte

Diana Chan May 12, 2017 British Columbia, Cafe

Nothing is more Canadian than Tim Hortons. They recently released their new look for their cups with a bunch of super iconic Canadian things illustrated on the cup. That’s not the only thing new at Tim Hortons, they just launched their ‘Perfectly Uncomplicated Latte’.

The hand-crafted beverage is made with a balance of espresso and freshly steamed milk to deliver a premium coffee experience. Over 3,500 Tim Hortons across Canada have new espresso machines, so customers from coast-to-coast can experience the same perfectly uncomplicated latte. Some smaller locations won’t have these lattes.

As a coffee lover, I found it interesting that Tim Hortons would up their game on lattes as their last iteration was pretty lacklustre. I started drinking coffee when I was in Vienna spending a semester studying and the 2 simple ingredients really spoke to me and also kept me awake for many nights of late night studying. So I like a strong cappuccino or latte.

After having the Perfectly Uncomplicated Latte as well as their cappuccinos, it’s a good cheap option that will satisfy your coffee cravings. Of course this won’t beat the artisan hipster coffee that will run you about $4 – $5.

Tim Hortons new lattes will be available in one size (medium) across Canada for $2.99 before taxes. It’s a good price and great to grab if you’re in a hurry.


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