Tim Hortons: Kettle Chips

Diana Chan June 10, 2014 Fast Food


Tim Hortons recently released Kettle Chips. I found that it’s not a bad combination with their sandwiches. Sometimes you want that extra crunch in your meal. When I ordered it, it came out warm, which was a nice touch.

A small bag is $0.99 and a large one is $1.89.


They are probably not cooked on-site as they need to keep standards consistent through all their locations.


The kettle chips were alright but after a while, I thought their chips were a bit too salty. It’s probably a personal preference. I love chips and I always tend to finish the bag if it’s Miss Vickie’s or any other crunchy type of chips.

Nice addition to the menu if you like chips, but it’s not revolutionary different that what you see in the grocery stores.


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