Tim Horton’s Breakfast Wraps

Diana Chan March 17, 2011 Fast Food

As I was going up Granville Station to get to Dunsmuir, I really wanted to try their breakfast wraps. So, being a greedy food lady, I couldn’t help myself but to get a combo. It comes with a drink, hash brown,  and the wrap.

I’ve been eyeing the breakfast wraps for a while but I’ve never wake up early enough to go get it until now.

The hashbrown is made of shredded potato, seasoning, and toasted. It tasted ok, but not as good as Mcdonald’s Hashbrowns.

The sausage breakfast wrap was a major disappointment. It is wrapped in the same pita wraps that they use for their other chicken wraps. Inside the wrap, there is sausage patty, cheddar cheese and scrabbled eggs. I look more picture of the inside, but it was so ugly, I didn’t want to post it up. The taste was alright, but not the best. It’s what you would expect cause it’s fast food.

I try not to believe in “roll up the rim to win”.  Sadly, I still didn’t win anything.

Have you won anything?

Photo: Karen Neal/Fox

Even though I am a Canadian, I do not love Tim Hortons. I will get food or drinks if it’s convenient.

Uh oh, is someone going to beat me up? I do like their Iced Cappuccinos.

What I love about How I Met Your Mother is how they always make fun of Canadians. They even had an episode called “Dual Citizenship”, where it revolved around Robin getting a Dual Citizenship. If you are Canadian , you’ll just crack up during this whole episode. Even Tim Hortons is featured in the episode.
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