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Diana Chan August 28, 2010 Dessert, Four Beakers, North Vancouver

Thomas Haas Patisserie is located in North Vancouver. It is a bit tricky to get to if you are unfamiliar with the North Vancouver area, about 5 minutes from Lonsdale Quay when driving. Thomas Haas focuses on high-end gourmet pastries. There are 2 locations in Vancouver and they have won countless awards and received major media coverage.

Taiwanesegirl won a $50 gift certificate so we decided to go since she wanted to use it and she wanted a ride there.

The store is quite cozy and quaint! You walk in and you see all sorts of chocolates from bars, sculptures, and cakes to drinks. It’s like dying and going to chocolate heaven! Even the owner – Thomas Haas (duh) was there to serve his customers.

For beverages, TaiwaneseGirl and I got the Passion Fruit Iced Tea came in eco friendly cups!

M got the Iced Mocha that was nothing special but it had a very bold and not too sweet taste.

The Champagne cake is composed of layers of champagne ganache between 3 layers of sponge cakes: chocolate, almond and hazelnut. On top there is even a bit of gold leaf! The chocolate frosting surrounding the cake was very gooey and rich. To balance this out, the bottom had a nice crunch bite to it.

The Exotic CheeseCake had a passion fruit, mango and orange zest on top of the cheesecake.

Manjari Chocolate Cake contained chocolate mousse, chocolate cake and rum creme brulee, which made this cake very velvety, rich and super enjoyable. You can hardly taste the rum.

To finish everything off, we all got a piece of chocolate each.
M got Palet au cafe truffle, iced mocha and Champagne cake. The Palet au Cafe Truffle was very smooth and rich. The center was filled with velvety dark chocolate ganache infused with fragrant Hawaiian coffee beans.

The Pistachio Marzipan contained delicate almond marzipan refined with pistachios from Sicily and a hint of kirsch. I did not take a liking to this chocolate because of the almond marzipan taste. It’s just a personal preference.

The Caramel Truffle was basically a ball of chocolate surrounding a liquid caramel center. It was delicious and sweet.

Thomas Haas is the place to go for quality desserts! You may burn a hole in your wallet but it is worth it!

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