The thing with Tim Horton’s Ice Caps

Diana Chan January 26, 2011 Food for Thought

I am on my 15 minute break and went downstairs to get an Ice Cap at Tim Hortons. Like most  Canadians, we do love our Ice Caps.

Did you know, there is a Tim Horton’s in every Simon Fraser University (SFU) campus? True story, thats why I go to school. Of course I’m just joking. I go because I’m a UBC reject. That fact may be true, but I really do enjoy going to SFU!

Today, I ordered a medium Iced Cap … it’s always delicious and makes my day feel so much better. Surprisingly, there really isn’t a lot of coffee in it, so it’s all in my head… or it’s all the sugar.

The one problem I always find with ice caps is that annoying phase when you drank all the liquid and you are left with the slush…you then take your straw the mix it around and poke at the ice until something melts. Then, you must repeat the process over and over again. Might I add, all the splurping and the awkward noises from the straw

If you are asian, you are probably determined to not waste a drop, so you spend countless minutes staring into your cup like as if it was a television. (Guilty, thats me!)

I am lame so I googled to see if anyone else has said anything about this, but according to Google, way too many people are addicted to Ice Caps and want to find a cure. (Awkward…).

Here are a few tips to avoid an icy encounter:

  • Keep your straw in the middle and not at the bottom of the cup
  • Stir occasionally
  • If all else fails…microwave it and hope the cup doesn’t melt along with it

I probably don’t have the best advice, but maybe you can help. What do you do?

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