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RomanJ January 29, 2012 Downtown, European, Four Beakers

Hello Internet! Romanj and Abbytizer review another restaurant. Today we review the Teahouse Restaurant located in Stanely Park. Abbytizer and I were at the Tea House for a group Christmas Party for the Holidays.

To start off, The Tea House is a high-class restaurant with beautiful interior decor and a view overlooking North Vancouver. It’s a perfect place for romantic dates or special occasions.

Since Abbytizer and I were here for a Christmas Party, the restaurant provided us with a group menu with a selection of Appetizers, Entrees and Desserts.

To start of our meal we had complimentary bread, which was delicious.

For Appetizers:

I ordered the Prawn Cocktail ($14), which were served on ice. The Prawns were large and delicious. The sauce provides an added spicy kick.

Abbytizer ordered the Teahouse mushrooms ($12), which consists of crab meat and cream cheese. Abbytizer describes it as:
“A friend suggested the Teahouse Mushrooms and it was a great suggestion! It was a simple dish, but it was extremely delicious. The crabmeat and cream cheese blended together very well, and the meatiness of the mushroom cap balanced out the creamy texture of the dish. Lastly, the balsamic glaze that was drizzled on top of it added the right amount of sweet and savoury flavours. This appetizer alone is reason enough to come back to Tea House!”

For Our Main Course:

I ordered the Roasted Chicken ($21) with micoise olives, tomato, pearl onion, and garlic confit. The chicken is delicious; it’s perfectly moist and tender. The mini tomatoes, olives and potatoes compliment the meal perfectly.

Abbytizer ordered the Roasted Sable Fish ($33) with miso marinade. Abbytizer describes her meal: “The Sable Fish was perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth like butter. The miso marinade complemented the fish with the right amount of sweetness. It was the first time that I had sable fish and this dish was so succulent, that I’ll be more likely to try other sable fish dishes in the future.”

For Dessert each of us had a dish Crème Brulee and Chocolate Milano Cake.

Abbytizer had the Crème Brulee ($8). The Crème Brule was good, but nothing exceptional. Personally, I would prefer the Chocolate Milano Cake to the Crème Brulee for dessert. The Chocolate Milano cake was so good!

I ordered the Chocolate Milano cake ($8), which consists of chocolate mousse with chocolate ganache on top with raspberry sauce on the side. This was delicious.

Overall, The Teahouse is a very nice restaurant with a delicious menu. This restaurant is perfect dates. However, I would not recommend this place for group gatherings, space is very limited as Abbytizer and I thought our group was squished together.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free Parking after 6pm
  • Set Menu for Large Groups
  • Perfect for a Date

We rate The Teahouse:

610 Pipeline Rd, Stanley Park,
Vancouver, BC V6G 2M5, Canada

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