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Diana Chan July 17, 2017 Fusion, Shaughnessy

The Rise Eatery blends the flavours of different regions around the world and say they are a globally-influenced restaurant, but a lot of the dishes feel like it’s an Asian-fusion restaurant. They are located in the South Granville neighbourhood. We were invited for a private event to try a few dishes off their menu.


The restaurant is split up in half so there is a bar area and then the dining area. They also have a patio in the back. The space has a nice feel and I love the large wooden tables.



This drink has sake, lychee, pink lemonade and togarashi. Very cute drink with a pocky stick too, but I really didn’t like the togarashi rim as it overpowered the subtle flavours of the lychee. Also, for the price, you probably want more sake in this.

Rain City Ricky

This has gin, cucumber, mint, lime, lemon grass and soda.

Old Timer, Newly Fashioned

Inside this concoction is maple, orange bourbon, thyme, bitters, and sour cherry.

The Last Strawberry Wit

I am definitely a beer person instead of a cocktail person. They have a good selection of local craft beers on tap. When I heard they had the Last Strawberry Wit from Fuggles and Warlock, I had to get it. You can get it as a pint or a sleeve and I went with a pint.

The Routine

This has ramen fries, cheese curds, miso gravy, kewpie mayo, bonito and furikake. A fun twist on the Canadian classic, but it fell short of expectations. The ramen cubes ended up to a bit soggy, so it didn’t retain it’s crisp texture.

Tuna Mole

There is a stack of spicy albacore tuna tartare, roasted corn guacamole and a side of lotus root chips. Beautiful dish, but the lotus chips were very thin and not crispy enough to enjoy.

Lo Hay Salad

In the salad, there is smoked salmon, cucumber, daikon, carrot, pickled ginger, onions, tomatoes, taro, pea shoots, crisp rice vermicelli, toasted sesame, toasted peanuts, and a apricot and a beet vinaigrette on the bottom. You need to mix and toss this around before eating to incorporate all the items together. It was a good salad but the smoked salmon felt like it didn’t incorporate very well into the concept.

Long n Green

This was a really good dish as the green beans are cooked with wok’d Haricot vert, butter, soya, and the housemade XO sauce. The XO sauce just pulled it all together. We ate every last bit of the sauce.


This is a vegan dish as it has wild mushrooms, udon, silken tofu cream and cashew parmesan. It’s a great dish for those with dietary restrictions, great texture but I thought the sauce had a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Heart Attack Rise

There is Schmaltz stir fried rice pilaf, chicken confit, fried tofu curd and then a soft boiled egg on top. Mix in the egg and enjoy. It’s a good dish to share so each person can have a taste without getting a heart attack. I thought it was ok, but didn’t make me want to eat the whole bowl.

Steak Your Claim

On the wooden board, there is grilled 8oz rib eye steak with a streak of chimichurri sauce. The steak was cooked very nicely and was tender. The chimichurri sauce was very bright and fresh compliment to the steak. On the side, there is kennebec fries, shishito peppers, onions, tomato stir fry, chinese donut and a balsamic demi glaze. A nice incorporation of the chinese donut into the dish.

Shio Koji

There is Japanese potato salad and 4 skewers of salted rice malt roasted Maple Hills chicken thighs. An odd combination but it works. The chicken was very tender and flavourful.

Mean n Green

The matcha molten lava cake was very undercooked, so it was more molten than cake inside. On the other side of the plate was adzuki beans and adzuki ice cream. The ice cream was very icy and not smooth.

Final Thoughts

I like what they were trying to do with their Asian-fusion dishes but the execution on some dishes was a total miss. The presentation was beautiful but it didn’t hit the mark. Hopefully in time, they will take the feedback and improve their menu. It seems more like a place I would go for a drink and a few dishes but not a full dinner.

3135 Granville Street, Vancouver


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