The Original Soup Man: No Soup For You in New York

Diana Chan June 24, 2012 Midtown East, Three Beakers

If you watched Seinfeld many years ago, you will know about the Soup Nazi. This is the place where the character Soup Nazi is based from. They are known to have some really good soup. They have locations all around North America and are looking into selling their soups at grocery stores off the shelf. This place has definitely expanded.

There are a few rules that Al has in order to be served.

Al’s Rules:

  • Pick the soup you want
  • Have your money ready
  • Move to the extreme left after ordering
Al wasn’t there and the line up was not long, so if you didn’t follow the rules, you would still get soup.

The place has a takeout counter, so there is no place to sit and eat. People usual take it back to their house, office, or eat near the park. They do have a few varieties of soup.

I grabbed my soup to a nearby benched area to enjoy the soup. It’s put into a paper bag.

Small Clam Chowder ($7) was very thick and hearty. There is a good amount of clams and it tasted good. It wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was decent.

You also get some crackers, Lindt chocolate, spoon and napkin with your meal. They are definitely prepared so their customers get everything they need for their meal.

You also get an orange too. It was a bit random, but it was a nice thought. I didn’t eat it since I wanted to save it for later. I left it in my suitcase and well…when I got home it looked super bruised. haha.

Overall, it was a good experience and make for a nice snack. If you aren’t a fan of Seinfeld, you won’t find this place super cool.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Follow Al’s Rules
  • Under $10
  • Lots of extras that come with your soup

We Rate the Original Soup Man:

259 West 55th Street
New York, NY


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