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Diana Chan October 30, 2010 Bar and Grill, Four Beakers, North Burnaby

The Keg has always been a favorite place for M and I. Today we were suppose to go to Gothams, but after paying for parking and walking one block to the restaurant, we decided to go back to Burnaby. SO close! Damn the little fights that couples have…. long story short, we ended up at The Keg to celebrate my birthday.

Since we went so late to the Keg, we were seated right away. In the past we would have to wait a while to get a seat. The Keg has the usual items that you think a steak house would have. I always love the combos! More variety means more types of things to eat! Since I love shrimp, I had to get some type of means with shrimp!!

To start the dinner off, M ordered both of us some Brut champagne ($9.95)! We didn’t want a big bottle, so we got 2 of the mini ones. As it was my Champagne Birthday, we had to have it. You only have a champagne birthday once in your life! I enjoyed this champagne but I am not a drink expert so I really can’t tell the difference between champagne of any kind.

They also gave us a basket of bread with whipped butter. For 2 people to share, we could not finish it. We probably had half since we wanted to save room for the steaks!

M has the Peppercorn New York Steak ($28.95).  It is a New York striploin with black peppercorns and Keg peppercorn sauce. It comes with baked potato and peas on the side. M has it medium rare and LOVED IT!  I had a taste of it and it tasted like peppery goodness. A bit too peppery for my taste, but I guess thats why they call it Peppercorn New York Steak.

I had the Prime Rib and Tiger Shrimp ($28.95). I think I get this every time because I get to have meat and shrimp at the same time. This dish came with 3 sauces – horseradish, gravy and some fruity type of sauce. I loved it. I think im just a sucker for anything that is medium rare. Thinking about it makes me want to eat it again!

I really love the Keg, it has some well priced steaks and the quality is fairly consistant every time we go for food. It is way cheaper than some high end restaurants. Our bill after tax and tip was about $100.

Words of Wisdom:

  • No reservations, so go early or go late
  • Slightly hard to drive to, so make sure you are driving from the south

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