The Garden Strathcona: Mushroom Bowls and Lattes

Diana Chan October 7, 2018 Cafe, Strathcona, Vegetarian

The Garden Strathcona is the newest cafe and retail shop in East Vancouver. When they opened their doors a few weeks back, they were praised for their delicious food as well as the abundance of greenery and cute local products available for purchase. I knew I had to make a trip out here with friends to relax and have some food.


The space isn’t too large but there are spots for small groups. Best with pairs.

Their big glass windows gives lots of natural light into the space, which is good for the plants too.


Mushroom Bowl

They have a good amount of items on their menu, but we all ordered the same thing – The Mushroom Bowl. It is gluten-free and vegan unless you do the add on’s like pulled pork or their ramen egg.

In the bowl are mushrooms, peas, wild rice, brown rice, black kale, pickled beets, picked carrots, and pumpkin seeds. We added the Ramen Egg for $2 extra and it was worth it. It was a hearty lunch and tasted really good.

The produce is local and organic where possible and all meat and dairy are humanely sourced.


They use beans from Argo Roasters, who are also located in Strathcona. The latte is made with their Equinox Espresso blend, which has a balanced combination of beans from Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. Fair trade and organic too.

You can also purchase Argo Roaster beans here too if you really enjoy the taste.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I had a great time spending the afternoon with my friends just catching up, eating mushrooms bowls and drinking lattes. It’s a nice addition to the neighbourhood with other delicious businesses close by like Strathcona Brewing.

868 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC


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