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Diana Chan November 3, 2010 Japanese, Kitsilano, Seafood, Three Beakers

The Eatery features a twist on the traditional japanese food. All their rolls are super creative and features rolls you probably have never heard of. Try eating a Captain Crunch roll, or and Ichi Roll. You have probably heard of the traditional Alaska rolls or california roll, but why try that when there are so many types of rolls.

Looking at the inside of the restaurant, there are so many items hanging off the walls to glance and stare.  The inner decor is very hip and funky. Located a few minutes away from the UBC campus, it is a perfect place to have a date or a nice hangout and try some unique rolls. After the Advanced Screening of Due Date, FratBoy, JojoCake, Canuckgirl, M, Bebe Yeoville, KoreanGirl, BigBaby, DJMikxter, and MathBoy headed over to The Eatery.

At each table, there are candles stuck into beer bottles. The Eatery is very dark and are lit by candles and red lights.  I was tempted several times to drink the candle.

I had the virgin mango margarita ($4.95), it was very sweet and not what I expected. Very concentrated and strong.

I ordered the Jalapeno popper roll ($6.75) and the Italian Stallion roll ($5.95). The Jalapeno popper has smoked salmon, jalapeno, cream cheese, and deep fried with a tempura batter. It was alright, but it did not have the Jalapeno popper feel to it.  The italian Stallion has prosciutto, papaya, eel and cream cheese, with hot pesto sauce. This roll tasted really nice and the papaya is a real surprise when you eat it.

M, CanuckGirl, and DJMikxter had the CHICKEN KATSU CURRY ($11.95) which is breaded deep fried chicken on rice. You can have a choice of mild, medium, or hot curry. The Katsu was very meaty and breaded nicely. M said he would have it again.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Sunomono is really poor quality compared to other japanese restaurants
  • Have daily specials for different days of the week
  • Good Curries
  • Some rolls are of poor quality
  • Good athmosphere

I do like the concept of The Eatery, but the execution of some of their rolls are of low quality. Maybe I am not use to the flavours since I’m a huge fan of traditional japanese food and flavours. If you go here, I think you are paying more for the atmosphere more than the food.

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