The Dirty Apron: Baguettes and Brownies

Diana Chan July 19, 2011 Four Beakers, Gastown, Sandwich

I was planning a lonely lunch by myself until I went on Twitter and @nik_wong tweeted saying she needed someone to lunch with. We met a few days earlier at Social Media Day. Since she was a few blocks away, I thought why not. Food is best eaten with others. Since Dirty Apron is pretty good, we decided to go. We both have been here before and it’s never failed either of us.

I ordered the Montreal Smoked Meat Baguette. It has Montreal smoked meat, shaved fennel, comte cheese, champagne shallot mustard, gherkins and basil. The baguette was well flavoured but I wish there was more meat! One cool thing about Dirty Apron is how they use a few uncommon ingredients. It opens your pallet to new ingredients that you would normally never pick up at the store.

Nikki suggested I get the Chocolate Pistachio Cheesecake Brownie, so I grabbed it and headed back to the office. This is one amazing brownie. It was moist, rich and has a subtle pistachio flavour. The 2 elements worked really well together. You probably don’t want to leave it out too long either, since it might dry a bit.

Overall, it’s a solid place for lunch.

Words of Wisdom:

  • Free parking at Tinsel Town (Supposed to be for patrons…but it’s ok)
  • Cheap lunch
  • Specialty ingredients
  • Lots of seating

We Rate The Dirty Apron: 


540 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC


 Twitter: @dirty_apron


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